Eco-friendly takeaway containers – another step in the sustainability direction

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In a bid to become more sustainable, here at Bricks Cafe, we have started offering takeaway food in eco-friendly containers. As customers become more comfortable with takeaway options amidst this pandemic, we want to make sure that we allow them to do so in a sustainable way. Whether customers order directly from us or through Foodmandu, their food will be packed away in our newly acquired sustainable containers. Through this effort, we hope to minimize our plastic waste to the extent possible.

Our portfolio of takeaway containers is supplied by Karika Solutions, a company based in Kathmandu that is committed to reducing plastic usage in the packaging industry to a minimum. These containers made from food-grade paper are practical (spill-proof), eco-friendly (recyclable) and microwaveable. You can read more about their product offerings with this link:

Sustainability has always been very important to us. We started our sustainability journey by committing to preserve our local culture and promote local products and local suppliers. In our early days, we took great pains to preserve the traditional architecture of our building, which was built during the Rana Era, and the inscriptions inside.

More recently, we have been committed to sourcing our supplies locally. Currently, over 95% of the ingredients that we use are locally sourced. In the future, we also hope to become a community hub to showcase local products made by communities across Nepal.

While offering delicious and good quality food, and great service to our customers is our ultimate motto, we aspire to do so in a sustainable way.

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