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Many Kathmanduites know Bricks Cafe for its delicious food including the famous fire-wood pizza and its authentic traditional Nepali architecture but only a few know of it as a community-oriented business. At a time when restaurants in Nepal are dependent on imported ingredients, Bricks Cafe hopes to pave the way for supporting more local suppliers. Currently, around 95% of the ingredients that are used at Bricks Cafe are sourced locally.


In recent times, one of its local suppliers is a community from the small village of Barauli in Nawalpur district of Nepal. Barauli is home to the indigenous Tharu community who have been running the Barauli Community Homestay in addition to their farming activities since 2015. In the absence of tourism due to the COVID-19 crisis, the community is left to find other sources of income. In collaboration with Community Homestay Network, the community has been sustainably farming ducks, fish and chicken, which are then supplied to restaurants like Bricks Cafe. The “Barauli ko Haas” (homestyle prepared duck dish) served at Bricks Cafe has already become a favorite of the visitors who frequent the restaurant.


By sourcing some ingredients from the community of Barauli, Bricks Cafe has contributed to bringing over 281,000 NPR to the families in the village. This is substantial for a community that was otherwise dependent on tourism for monthly income. With increasing demand, this figure is expected to grow significantly in the coming months. Bricks Cafe is committed to supporting local communities like Barauli through business and acting as a bridge between customers and communities. For example, the name “Barauli ko Haas” on Bricks Cafe’s menu also serves to make the village of Barauli known to Bricks Cafe’s many customers.


In the future, Bricks hopes to not only continue sourcing most of its ingredients from local suppliers but it also hopes to become a hub for showcasing local products from different communities across Nepal.


So now, when you eat at Bricks Cafe, you not only please your taste buds but also your conscience as you contribute towards empowering local suppliers across the country.

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