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The Romance Of a Bygone Era

Eating out at a restaurant of your choice is always an enjoyable experience. Make it a memorable one by dinning in with us in an ambience that boasts of a 100-year old history located between Thapathali Bridge and Pulchowk, where the Hotel Himalaya is situated.

Kupondole is not only famous for its fine restaurants but it also has lots of boutiques and handicraft outlets. It used to be an important fashion hub before the big malls opened in Kathmandu. As for handicraft shops, most of the big players like Dhukuti, Mahaguthi, Sana hastakala and so on have their main outlets over here. You can also find lots of foreign organizations’ offices nearby and lot of expatriates have made this neighborhood their home. So we couldn’t be better located then this.

Our Companies

Royal Mountain Travel offers the best indigenous and community-oriented tours and treks in Nepal. Guests who travel through the Himalayan nations will experience the authentic lifestyles of Himalayan civilizations, trek in some of the most unique landscapes on Earth, enjoy fascinating cultures, traditions and festivals, and experience warm hospitality.

Located in an older part of Patan, Traditional Stay provides the perfect blend of modern living with ancient ambiance. A part of Royal Mountain Travel’s effort in providing heritage living, the hotel encompasses 25 years of experience in tourism from its founders. Situated at the heart of a living museum, the hotel gives you an opportunity of interacting with the cultural heritage in every moment during your stay with us. We are an environmentally conscious hotel supporting local heritage and arts, not just as a cause but also in our everyday practice.

In 2012, we at Royal Mountain Travel felt that something could be done to better communicate the value of Nepal and the Himalayas to the outside world. This led to the birth of Inside Himalayas, a web magazine and annual print magazine showcasing the best sights, trips, treks, food and adventures in the Himalayas based in Kathmandu, Nepal. A lot of what we do here is inspired by prayer flags that are deeply rooted in our culture. The vibrantly colored prayer flags inspire us to promote strength, beauty and positivity of our region. We want to showcase unexplored, rural communities and play our part in bringing them benefits of sustainable tourism. We hope our efforts can bring you closer to the world of the Himalayas as well as to your inner self who is longing to travel.

The hotel is sure to impress you as soon as you step into the lobby, with its meticulously carved beams and bronze fixtures. This gives a taste of what is to come in the rest of the hotel, from the rooms to the common areas and hallways. Along the hallways, colourful and traditionally inspired art has been painted directly onto the walls. Young local artist Pradeep Rana Magar was trained in India but draws upon local Nepali inspiration for his decorative panels depicting traditional and modern scenes of Nepali life. Small, well-lit alcoves recessed into the hallway display small statues and sculptures, such as Buddhas and other deities

At Community Homestay Network, we serve as the liaison between travelers and communities. Once you book your homestay or experience with us, we coordinate with communities and families, and work with you to arrange all your logistics to get there. When you arrive at your homestay, the host family welcomes you as much more than a tourist, but as a friend and a member of their family.